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Hiba Jaber Kids Has Finally Arrived

Hiba Jaber Kids

I am very excited to announce the long-awaited launch of the kids line.

As I always say, inspiration comes from travel, from conversations, and from everywhere, and this summer was all about inspirational incidents and conversations..

I had an event in Casablanca earlier in July, and my niece dropped by with her parents ( my sister and brother-in-law) for a while. She was trying to help me out with the jewelry, and she normally tries to find something that fits her, and of course, she loves to try them on.

The mini infinity hoops got her attention and she asked if she could try them on. I was actually surprised by how nicely they fit her. They were adorable on her and suited her perfectly, and this was an Aha moment…

Around the same time and in those few weeks, I frequently found myself in the middle of conversations of mothers saying things like, “I want to get this matching set for me and my daughter.” so then I thought, why not re-introduce this popular set of mini infinity hoops in a new variation for little girls.

It is a very popular hoop that many of you love, it works well for stacking and is great for gifting, so just like that, this was the start of a new line for little girls: the mini infinity hoops re-introduced in enamel colors! & What better way to launch it than in a collaboration with the one and only Maison Tini Kids shop in Dubai.

So whether you want a matching set with your little one, or have the same hoop in different variations, for and her, the choice is yours, There are many options to choose from for you and your girls.

This was the start of the kids' lines that we have been wanting to launch for quite a while. The infinity hoops can be worn by any age, young or old, so they are a beautiful of jewelry that your daughter can cherish for a lifetime, especially that she can share it with you, her dear mother.

The Infinity hoops in a variety of colors can be shopped on our website, and exclusively at Maison Tini, along with other variations of Mother & me jewels like the initial thread bracelets, and much more to come soon!

Photos by the talented Kathleen


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