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Merging between the sentimental aspect of design along with the luxury element of fine jewelry, the brand offers creations that are ideal for making precious occasions even more special, the brand has always been about a personalised experience, whether through the designs we offer or the services we deliver. On the occasion of our third year anniversary, we are excited to announce the launch of our revamped online customization service that allows customers to get their jewels customised online with just a few simple clicks...

We have implemented new and dynamic improvements to the website in order to allow users to start their customisation process online. The virtual customer journey experience eliminates the amount of human interaction needed, and creates a convenient and safe way to transact and process a jewelry order order online, yet still keeping a very personalised approach to dealing with each and every order. The site uses user-friendly forms that guide the users through designing their own jewels as well as enables them to browse through jewelry options and categories, choose the characters they want, and diamond setting preferences, with personalised online assistance available as needed. Lastly to make the brand even more gift-friendly, customers can opt to write a heart-felt note to be delivered with the gift; anywhere they want around the world.

We are excited to also share that customers now have home access to all of the reassurance they need in order to make a sound purchase decision. For example, if a shopper located in Dubai doesn’t know his/her ring size and prefers to avoid public spaces or is not sure how to measure it, we can send a ring sizer to the customer’s home. To alleviate hesitation further, we launched a Try Before You Buy service, whereby interested customers can receive pieces, to try on before making the purchase.

The brand also aims to lessen financial burdens for our customers during these sensitive times. By officially partnering with Tabby, the buy now pay later service available in KSA and UAE, we enable customers to pay for their shopping baskets in stages instead of all at once, making Hiba Jaber Jewelry the first jewelry brand in the region brand to offer such option. Instead of requiring customers to pay for their 100% of their jewels in advance, they can now pay in installments over 3 months, available for purchases below the value of $680.

With these services, customers can now have their unique stories turned into jewels at their own convenience. They can get started with their customization process, whenever they want, pay for it in instalments, and yet have them delivered right on time for their own special occasions and their loved ones. It’s all about the customer experience, and we try to make it a bit more personal whichever way possible!


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