Infinity | Hiba Jaber Jewelry | Customized Jewelry

The Infinity collection is a celebration of love. The idea was inspired from something very simple and effortless yet significant at the same time; the infinity sign. We did our own interpretation of the shape, instead of using the sign in an obvious manner, we chose to make the shape of the ring or jewel itself as the infinity. When the piece is worn, it looks like a simple jewel with a slight twist, but when you take it off and look at it carefully from certain angles, you will notice the infinity shape. The beauty of the infinity rings is that they can be worn as one alone or stacked in multiples. The rings and earrings both come in different sizes. 

We also further developed the aesthetic of the collection and introduced infinity jewels with an added  twist which focuses on cropped off designs. The collection offers a wide range of reimagined infinity jewels that are as unique as the woman who wears them. The infinity rings are ideal for engagement and
marriage occasions, being a simple band with an effortless element of design that reflects eternal love to infinity and beyond. What better way to celebrate love than with a meaningful jewel.