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Her Majesty Queen Rania's Special Story

The year for the Royals of Jordan has been marked by a series of joyful events.

It commenced with the announcement of Her Royal Highness Princess Iman's wedding, followed by the much-anticipated wedding of His Royal Highness The Crown Prince's wedding to Princess Rajwa Al Seif.

Unique moments from HRH Princess Iman's wedding

Special moments from HRH the Crown Prince's Wedding

It has been a festive year indeed, and with the upcoming birthday of Her Majesty , Queen Rania of Jordan, we wanted to share with you this very special story we recently worked on, in celebration of her 50th birthday a few years back.

We had the honor of creating, alongside someone near and dear to the royal family, a unique special story, a bracelet that holds a lot of meaning, which was a bracelet designed for the Queen, with the letters that mean the most to her, her kids initials.

The bracelet was designed with the letters H, I , S & H, crafted in 18k whit gold, and the diamonds were set on the two lady's letters: representing the names of Iman & Selma. Something so dear and so precious for the Queen to wear with her, wherever she goes.

The bracelet captures her world, the initials of her dear children.

This was her special story.

What would your special story look like? …


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