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Highlighting Unique special stories & collaborations

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with various influencers. Our focus has been on sharing special memories and inspirational stories of incredible women around us.

We are sharing a round-up of some of the very special stories we have worked on the past few years, and it;'s always great getting to know each and every one of these unique ladies story...


Fatma Al Nabhani, the Omani professional tennis player, is one of the region’s most influential ladies. We had the honor of design a duo ring with her initials FN in Arabic.


Dana's special story was turned into a pair of thin duo rings with three characters, her initial, her husband's and her little boy's, Rumi!


Tala was born in the US to Syrian parents and continues to grow her career in Fashion, lifestyle, and of course, DJ-ing.

Her first pair of thin duo rings were the initials of her sister, for the newest creation, she chose the thin duo rings, designed with the first letter of both my grandmothers’ names: Hayat and Fareeha.


Ascia is most Known for The Hybrid’s blog which first launched in 2012 along with her husband Ahmed. We collaborated on customizing duo rings that represent her wonderful family.

“A” for Ahmad with Diamonds, “A” for Adam and “N” for Noah, her two amazing children!


Hannah is an iconic lady known for her effortless style and monochromatic looks. She has a wide range of collaborations with some of the most prominent brands. She is a public figure, an avid beauty lover and a world traveler.

We here happy to work with her on this special collaboration. She touched us with her story behind her bracelet, which is the name of her brother in Arabic calligraphy. This piece is a reminder that he is with her always.

Alanoud Al Badr worked with us on a unique jewelry creation that includes her initials, A & B in Arabic....

This was Layla al Naif's special creation with her first daughter's initials, and Zayla and lyla's initials with her love Z & T,

Another one of our unique collaborations lately were with Dina Al Zahran, it was a set of flat top thick duo rings, with her kid's initials, set in different colored precious gemstones and diamonds, We love how she styles it.

Reina's special story was with her initial along with her new husband at the time, Faisal.

This was Zeinab's unique earring creation with her first son's name, designed especially for her to wear close to her mind and heart, crafted in 18k yellow gold and set in white diamonds,

Mariam Al Mossali with her kid's initials, along with her initials with her husband, so it was a pair of mismatching earrings on both sides.

& this was Rima Zahran's Unique necklace creation with her precious kid's initials, styled effortlessly on her neck, easy to stack for a daily look.

What would your special story look like?

Discover a wide range of options and let's work together on your own special story.


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