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This collection came out of spontaneous inspiration; I was in Hawaii for vacation, enjoying the beautiful scenery and nature on the different islands. Knowing that nearby Tahiti is famously known for The Black Tahitian Pearls, I went actively looking for a supplier or a shop that sells authentic pearls in Hawaii. I managed to get a handpicked selection of Black Tahitian and Akoya pearls.

Whenever I was looking to buy the pearls, I would place them between my fingers to examine the shape and color, and I loved the look of that floating pearl; and that was when the idea hit. I thought why not introduce a new line of customizable jewels with letters and pearls. I worked on the collection a few months later, and after some trial and error rounds in both design and production stages, we finally managed to get that feel and look right, we also expanded the offering to a variety of pearl types and colors. It was a simple idea that turned into a simple and effortless line of wearable rings and jewels.

The collection has two main products, the earring and rings. The Earrings can be worn as one side on its own, as a mismatch set. The chain is also removable so it allows for multiple ways to wear the look. The rings are open in the inside and can be easily stacked with other rings from the same collection.

The collection is made out of 18k Gold, both in white and rose, set in white diamonds, and adorned with a diverse range of pearls including: Tahitian Black Pearls, Akoya Pearls and cultured water pearls. .

Each Hiba Jaber piece is timeless, unique and individually handcrafted - ideal for the practical woman.

The jewels can be worn as one on it own, or stacked together in many different ways.

We invite you to discover our Drop of Pearl capsule collection, we hope you love it as much as we do!


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