The Infinity collection is a celebration of love. The idea was inspired from something very simple, effortless yet very significant; the infinity sign. We did our own interpretation of the shape, instead of being very obvious, we chose to make the shape of the ring or jewel itself as the infinity. When the jewel is worn, it looks like a plain jewel with a slight twist, but when you take it off and look at it with attention to detail, you will notice it has the infinity shape from all angles. The beauty of these rings is that they can be worn as one alone or stacked in multiples. What better way to celebrate love than with an effortless meaningful jewel... 


The concept was first realised in Florence/ Italy , in my jewelry 3D Jewelry Design class. It was first printed in resin as a final project and was then further developed and produced in Dubai, to be one of our latest capsule collections. 


The collection has two main products, the earring and rings, both available in many different 18k Gold and diamond setting options.

Each Hiba Jaber piece is timeless, unique and individually handcrafted - ideal for the practical woman.

The jewels can be worn as one on it own, or stacked together in many different ways.


We invite you to discover our Infinite Love capsule collection, we hope you love it as much as we do!



Hiba Jaber Jewelry