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It's that time again, when we share with you a special story, and this time we are heading to the world of Fashion & Beauty. Hannah Rasekh, an iconic lady known for her effortless style and monochromatic looks. Half British and half Jordanian, Hannah has a wide range of exciting collaboration with some of the most prominent brands, Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera and Hermes to name a few. She is a public figure, an avid beauty lover and a world traveler, and lives between Dubai and London. We were happy to work with her on this special collaboration, as she opens up to us about a very dear story. We get to know more about her story...

Tell us more about yourself? What don’t we know about Hannah Rasekh? I am a very sensitive person. I don’t think people can sense that from my public image. I think we forget at times that there is a person behind this public persona and that there is a great deal of emotion tucked away.

How did you first get into the world of Fashion & beauty? Was it something you wanted to be a part of from a young age?

It was always something that interested me so I knew somehow that I would pursue a career in fashion and beauty. I started out by launching my own little boutique back in my hometown, Amman and I eventually began working on collaborations with other brands in the region. It all happened quite organically.

How does your day look like? Share with us your routine, if you have one!

I always start my day with a work out. It’s necessary for me to set a high energy tone for the rest of the day. I am a morning person, so I get all my work done before noon. I try to fit in something new every day, be it visiting a gallery or an exhibition, or even a park nearby. I think it’s important to break from the mundane and surround yourself with things that inspire you. I try to make every day different.

You seem to enjoy traveling, what is a city/ or place that inspires you the most? and in what way? New York is definitely my favorite city. I lived there for a few years in my early twenties and its energy has always stayed with me. I always feel small in New York- in a good way. Its a city that reminds you how big the world is.

You live in more than one city, how has/ or does living in different cultures/ countries affect your personality and sense of style?

My wardrobe is very transitional. And because my style has always been quite laid back and tailored, layering up or down is pretty easy and comes natural to me. Over the years I’ve filled my wardrobe with staple separates that I make great use out of in every city I stay in.

If you could describe your personality as a piece of jewelry, what would that piece be?

A pair of diamond studs; simple, yet significant.

They say “You never really know a woman until you’ve seen her jewelry” How much do you agree with this saying?

I keep my jewelry quite simple and layered up. That pretty much sums up my own personal style, so I guess there is some truth to the saying!

Do you have a piece of jewelry you wear everyday that’s very special to you? What is it?

Every piece I wear is special and means a lot to me. I think thats the great thing about jewelery- you can wear stories and memories around your neck and your wrists that will always remain with you.

What did you choose for your costumized Hiba Jaber jewels? & what’s the story?

Hiba designed a bracelet for me of the the name of my brother in Arabic calligraphy. My brother passed away 6 years ago, and this piece is a beautiful reminder that he is with me every day. Her attention to detail is impeccable.

May his soul rest in peace! What is a cause you strongly believe in?

I have shifted all my energy and focus towards sustainability. Global warming and the breakdown of the climate are detrimental issues we must take very seriously.

If you can give one piece of advice to women out there, what would that be?

Be unapologetically yourself.


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