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Get to Know Mais Mustafa's Special story

It was a lovely afternoon spent with Mais and her family...

Mais Mustafa, Iraqi mother and Instagram influencer, recently gave birth to her second child, and to celebrate, we worked with Mais on a very special creation. She turned the three initials that meant the most to her...

The rings were crafted in three colors of 18k gold, one for each letter, H in Arabic for Hossam, her husband, and S & Gh for Saif and Ghassan for her two little boys.

" My Biggest blessings"

Each of the bands was set in diamonds, to reflect her equal love to each and every one of them. She styles the letters together and sometimes each alone, which gives her a variety of ways to style her set of rings.

This was Mais's very special story, What will your story look like?

Let's design something special you will always want to keep wearing.

The photos were captured by the talented Maja Velikanja.


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