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"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport." Anon.

As the Hiba Jaber Jewelry brand was starting to take shape, I moved from Dubai to Italy, after an inspirational conversation, to pursue practical studies in jewelry making and design at the Instituto Lorenzo De Medici. It was great, learning all about the world of jewelry by international and Italian jewelry experts.

I spent about one year in Florence, absorbing as much as I could from the people and professionals I crossed paths with, learning from them and taking inspiration from their stories, all of which helped to guide my vision and influence the brand. During that year, I learned more about the history of jewelry and the techniques of jewelry making and designing. It was here that I learned the true value of the art of jewelry making, as you’ll never understand how much work goes into finishing a simple piece until you’ve tried to make it with your own hands.

I took advantage of Italy’s beautiful cities and Europe’s neighboring countries, traveling and exploring museums along the way, as well as a few stops at Fashion Week and jewelry trade shows Inhorgenta Munich and Baselworld. Rich in art, culture and beautiful sceneries, Florence was a great place to gain inspiration and development and learn a new language. Not to forget the delicious tastes of gelato and pizza and pasta you get to enjoy almost every day.

I take you with me on a brief journey through the streets of Firenze and into the jewelry workshop. It was truly a beautiful experience. “La Dolce Vita”, as the Italians say!


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