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Femininity Infinity collection Launch

I am personally excited to introduce the Femininity Infinity Collection—a vibrant revival of our original and best-selling Infinite Love collection.

This collection is so dear to my heart, as it was inspired by a bright, colorful summer, after a challenging period earlier last year, which is why I wanted to design it the way I have, full of color and life. 

Femininity Infinity is a celebration of love in all its forms—whether it's self-love, love for family, friends, or life itself.

It emerged from after a challenging period, and I wanted these jewels to be a reminder that sometimes, difficult times make way for new opportunities and great new beginnings.

The collection features bold silhouettes, soft hues, and a touch of shine, using colored pastel enamels and diamonds. It's a re-introduction of our signature collection, initially conceptualized during my time in Florence in 2016.

The design subtly reflects infinite love, worn, it may not reveal the full picture, but upon closer inspection, you'll see the shape of the infinity symbol, representing everlasting feminine love.

These jewels offer a dual look, reminding us that life has its ups and downs. Trust the journey, have faith, and believe that there's always a plan.

This collection is a celebration of love in all its colors and forms, appreciate the blessings and great people around you. Remember that you are not alone; you are brave, you are loved, and we encourage you to embrace your femininity infinity.


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