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Captured Memories : Pendants That Tell Your Special Stories

It’s been a great summer, a much-needed one indeed and as usual inspiration, comes from

my time wandering around and discovering new places.

One thing that stood out mostly earlier this summer when the stacked-up chains, with beads or pearls, and then with a variety of chain options..

I was wearing my special story bracelets and pendant hanging on a spaced-out diamond

necklace, which I was getting a lot of compliments on, I watched people enjoy the summer

and good weather, and then I thought why not re-introduce the special stories series in the

form of a pendant hanging on a necklace made out of beads, pearls, or even diamonds?

The effect that colored dainty precious beads add to special stories is quite unique, it gives

you the option of wearing and stacking your special stories in different ways, whether you

want it for an effortless day look with beads, or styled for an evening out with a thin or bold

chain. From here, the options have emerged, and we introduce to you the special story

pendants that can be styled in a variety of ways.

As for that specific spaced-out diamond necklace, it was a gift from my father a few years

back before he passed away, it a much longer and was difficult to style, so I did a few

adjustments on it and turned it into a choker, and have been wearing it a lot since.

When we launched the signature pendant last year, I designed my own with my parent’s

initials letters ( M & I ) , and I tried styling it with this specific necklace, it worked out nicely

and have been wearing it a lot since, I always never take it off.

It was the perfect story, a necklace my father gifted me a while back, stacked with my

parents' initials on, that I wear proudly around my chest. Close to my heart.

Imagine your own version of a necklace that you will always want to wear, whether it’s

made out diamonds or any of your dearest people’s birthstones, a bold chain or a dainty

one, styled with the initial that mean the most to you. How beautiful is that?

What would your special story look like? Visit this page and let’s create your own version...


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