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This is an enamel gold bracelet with any letter of choice. You can order any letter you want, English or Arabic. 


Material: We use 18k gold. 

Coloured enamel and a diamond dot if there is. 


We will send you the design for confirmation within 2-3 working days, once you confirm, production can take around 2-3 weeks. For any urgent requests, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.


The bracelet comes with three size options, 16cm, 17cm & 18cm. For any other sizes, it can be requested once the team contacts you.


The jewelry is delivered with a 2-year warranty.

Initial Enamel Bracelet

Select Enamel Colors
Select Color of Gold
  • You can order the bracelet in  any preferred colour combination of choice. 

  • For more information on this product, or for any further queries you may have,  please contact us at