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The initial Chain bracelet can be ordered with any preferred letter and crafted into any color of 18k gold.  Please make your selection and our team will contact you to finalize your order details. 


We will send you the design for confirmation within 2-3 working days, once you confirm, production can take around 2-3 weeks. For any urgent requests, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.


The bracelet comes with three size options, 16cm, 17cm & 18cm. For any other sizes, it can be requested once the team contacts you. 


The jewelry is delivered with a 2-year warranty.

Initial Chain Bracelet Set In Diamonds

Select Color of Gold
  • This is an 18k Gold Bracelet with one letter and set in diamonds.

    You can order any letter you prefer, english or Arabic. We will send you the design for confirmation before we go ahead with production. 

    The gold weight is 1.52, grams and you can order your bracelet in any color of gold; rose, yellow or white. 

    There is three hooks for multiple size options. 

    Material: We use 18k gold. 

    Stones Used: Round diamonds, VS-Si clarity, G-H colour

  • For more information on this product, or for any further queries you may have,  please contact us at