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Unique personalized Gift ideas – For the whole family

Whether it’s for you and him, or for you and your little ones, there are many

options to design your special stories in matching sets for you and your whole


It’s really special to get a custom-made jewelry piece for yourself, or better yet

Imagine matching a whole set of special stories for you and your loved ones,

like a ring for you and a matching thread bracelet for him or your son, and

then a necklace or a bracelet for each of your daughters, with the whole

family’s initials.

There are many different ways to match your special stories

with your loved ones, and the best place to get inspiration from is you and

your special stories, our dear friends!

We have had the pleasure of working with a few of your recent unique family jewelry stories

and here are a few to share:

  • He chose to gift her a bracelet with their initials, with his initial along with the kids, while he designed another bracelet for him with her initial with the kids. How precious is that? To create your own set of bracelets, you can learn more here.

  • This was a Mother's day gift. Her son and sister-in-law turned her kids' initials into a unique vertical necklace; so it was the two boys' initials in white gold, and the two girls' letters in yellow gold. She loved the gift so much that she designed the same necklace for both her daughters, each with her letter set in diamonds. Imagine receiving or giving such a matching gift set to your daughters. Create your custom family jewelry here .

  • This was a unique special story family bundle, Turki ordered a set of thin duo rings with a sparkling certified diamond solitaire for her, with a matching thread bracelet to personalize family jewelry for him

And for her girls, they designed a matching set of necklaces for each. Creating matching family jewelry for every member. The colors and details were the same, and the only variance between each necklace and the other was the initial set in diamonds, according to the name of the girl wearing each necklace. How precious is this family's series of special stories? Full of love. To create your own necklace, you can click here.

This was Dalal's set of thin ruo rings, designed with a unique 0.2ct round diamond, and if you want to learn more about the different diamond options you can add to your special story, you can learn more here.

It’s always inspiring working closely with you on your special stories, and

Thank you for always trusting us on your unique occasions.

Those were a few of their special stories, what would yours look like?


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