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Top 5 Ideas to Gift for Valentine's

Top 5 Ideas to Gift for Valentine's

Are you wondering what to get your loved one this valentine's day?

Imagine a personalized jewelry piece that combines your initial and hers.

Here are some options to consider for her:

1 ) A signature set of Thin or Thick Duo Rings with your initial & hers. You can select any gold color combination of choice, with diamonds or without, and perhaps add a certified diamond of any shape she may prefer.

"Words can’t describe how and what I felt when I first saw the ring!"

Additional personalization options are available like adding a special note, engraving the inside of the jewel, or pairing the package with a flower bouquet.

2) Customize a necklace with both your initials

The necklace can be designed with your initials, and paired with a certified diamond of any shape or size, so she can keep her love story close to her heart.

"Totally in love .. the design, quality and the size is just perfect"

3) A custom-made chain bracelet or bangle, with your initials and a gemstone, crafted in her preferred 18k gold color combination of choice, so she can add it to her daily stack.

In case you want to match the gift with something for him, here are some options:

4) A thread bracelet with a matching design of his and your initials, designed with a preferred silk thread color, many color options available to choose.

5) Custom-made cufflinks with both your initials.

"Those letters mean a lot to me and you just added your sparkle and made it extra special. Thanks from the deepest point of my heart"

Which jewelry creation would they prefer? Let's turn your special stories into precious jewels.

With love,


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