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Styling Tips to Make Your Jewelry Shine

Your jewelry shows off your personal style. Whether you like delicate, simple pieces or bold, eye-catching designs, how you style them matters. Here are tips for showing off your favorite Hiba Jaber creations:

Embrace Layering

Layering necklaces, bracelets, and rings is a huge trend right now. Mix and match meaningful personalized pieces with different metals, stones, and chains. For a relaxed look, layer necklaces of different lengths, like one with your child's initials. Stack slim bangles with a chunkier cuff bracelet and multiple fingers with your custom duo rings.

Play with Proportions

Streamlined, modern pieces look striking when paired with flowy, romantic clothing. Try a sleek, minimalist necklace with a bohemian dress or soft blouse. Chunky metal bangles add an edge to flouncy sleeves or billowing fabrics. The contrast in textures makes your jewelry pop.

Show a Peek

Sometimes, letting just a glimpse of your jewelry show is the most alluring styling move. Leave an extra button or two undone on your top to showcase a layered necklace. Push up your sleeves to expose a chic arm party of bracelets. Or go for an open-toe shoe that highlights your anklet.

Shine from Head-to-Toe

For full-on glamour, add sparkle from head to toe. A statement locket necklace with personal engravings instantly dresses up any outfit. Custom drop earrings with your birthstone brighten your face.

Keep It Balanced

With delicate custom pieces, keep the rest of your look relatively simple for balance and elegance. A single bracelet engraved with your child's name shines when not competing with busy prints or accessories. A made-to-order diamond tennis bracelet effortlessly elevates any ensemble.

With these tips, your meaningful Hiba Jaber jewellery will be the polished, eye-catching finishing touch that elevates any look. Which styling ideas will you try first with your favourite personalized pieces?


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