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We love stories of inspiring ladies, and here’s another one we would love to share with you!

Dalia Nsouli is a Lebanese American, born in Houston and raised between Jeddah and Beirut, commonly known for her distinctive style in fashion, her creativity and her unique pocket sized figure! Having a portfolio of collaborative works with multiple leading brands the likes of IWC and Dior to name a few, Dalia’s fashion blog is definitely one to know and follow. We met with Dalia for a brief catch up, get to know the details...

Who is Dalia Nsouli?

I am a mother, a wife, a banker, and I love to dress up for each of those roles. I have moved around quite a bit, I am currently based in Doha, Qatar but I have a deep passion for travel, so I try to get out as much as I can.

When did you first launch your very own Dalia Nsouli Fashion platform, and what has inspired you to start it?

I started in 2010 when I first moved from London to Dubai. Instagram was becoming popular and I was too shy to post pictures of myself so I decided to only show my shoes at first. I’ve always loved shoes and thought it would be a good idea to share a picture of the shoe i wore each day. Eventually, I started incorporating more of myself and my life, and it kind of grew from there.

Being a mother, a wife and an active Fashion enthusiast and also keeping fit, how do you manage your time between family and everything else, what is your secret?

Its not easy at all and every working mother will tell you the same. I spend quality time with my son before and after work, until he sleeps around 8pm. Because I’m at work for most of the day, the afternoon is dedicated to him, which means I can only go to the gym from 8pm onwards, which i do 3 times a week (i used to go more before i had my son). Instagram also takes a bit of time, but I don't dedicate too much of my free time to it as others do because I’m tired when i come back from work, but more importantly, I spend all my free time with my son. Dressing up is a natural process to me, as in i don't give it much thought, so that doesn't take too much time either.

If you can describe your sense of style in a few words, what would those be?

Bold, loud, fun (i hope).

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?

Don't think when you’re dressing up; just do it.

Moving on to Jewelry, what is your birthstone, and what is your actual favourite stone, and why?

My birthstone is Emerald and it also happens to be my absolute favorite because of its rich color and rarity. There is something regal about it which makes it appealing. I also love yellow diamonds and malachite.

If you were a piece of jewelry what you would you be ( I.e: a ring, bracelet, necklace, earring), and why? Yellow White or rose?

Yellow gold chunky earrings from the 1980s (think Gripoix); I’m an 80s child and its also my favorite fashion era. I also love anything big and gold

What letters did you choose for your HJ intertwined ring duo, & what do they mean to you?

I chose H and F, which are the first letters in my husband and son’s names.

Can you share with us three tips on styling Jewelry? Any rules to follow?

1- Don't wear chunky earrings if your’e wearing a chunky necklace.

2- Don't mix crystal or diamond earrings if you’re wearing a pearl necklace, or vice versa.

3- Don't mix yellow gold earrings if you’re wearing a gold necklace, and vise versa….rules don't apply on rings and wrists, go crazy.

What is a quote you live by?

Think Different (Apple)

Follow her on instagram @DaliaNsouli


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