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I personally have the pleasure of sharing with you a very special story; Raha Moharrak's, the youngest Arab & first Saudi woman on Mount Everest. The courageous and curious woman who defeated many obstacles towards achieving a very demanding and ambitious goal, climbing the seven summits of the world! A traveler and an avid adventurer, curiosity has always been her best friend, driving her to new places and new heights. As we love to tell special stories, I am very honoured to share with you Raha Moharrak’s inspirational story, she talks to us about her routine and her journey…

Tell us briefly about yourself, who is Raha Moharrak?

It’s always hard for me to define myself, I am a traveler, an adventurer, an artist, a dreamer, a climber and an athlete, I am many different things. The core essence of who I am is that I am a curious person and I enjoy the love of life .

I guess everything that drives me and pushes me ultimately makes me a public speaker now and an ambassador for a few brands. It’s all driven by my love of curiosity and adventure. In essence I guess I'm just a curious child with a big imagination.

Last time we met we were working on your campaign with Nike preparing for your next resolution of the year, in December 2015, which was to reach the toughest peak in Alaska, how has your year been? Where you able to reach your goals?

Yes! I managed to reach my goal finally, after two years of a lot of struggle, I collected the funds and found the courage to go back and I did it. I honestly still can’t believe that I completed the 7 summits, the highest of each continent. The last summit, Denali, had bothered me a lot because I had set out to do it the first time and I was not able to finish it. Now that I am done, I am taking some proper time off to rest and work on my book.

The youngest Arab ever on Mount Everest and the first Saudi woman. This is something amazing. How do you feel about being that woman, and what responsibility does it hold with it?

I never imagined myself to be in those shoes, but in the strange twist of faith I ended up this accidental role model. I try to go to as many speaking events as possible, to try and influence as many people and girls as I could. I take it to heart, its a huge responsibility.

What is a typical day like for Raha Moharrak? How did you train for those mountains?

My days are constantly changing and adapting. During off climb season I'm usually working, socialising, training for volleyball, maintaining my health and I don't really do long hauls of mountain training.

When I'm on climbing season, my life and schedule completely revolve around training. It could be anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the training plan I have. My heating habits change in parallel, I load on carbs, I add meat and I cut sugars out until I am done with my climb.

Do you have any “Good luck charm” that you always carry with you on your adventures?

I have a Saudi flag that my father got me, and I have a bunch of mini saudi flags on my clothes, and my nephew’s baby shoes (It is a long story… ), my note book that I write in every night, its something my father asked me to do.

Aside from the amazing adventures, do you get to spend time with family and friends? What does an ideal evening consist of?

I have a very multi layered personality and my days can vary. I can enjoy a night out with my friends having a nice dinner. I can also enjoy a very lazy home cooked dinner with the family at home. It’s always about having a great time with close people.

What is your birthstone? Do you relate to it much, and what’s your favourite stone?

It’s a ruby, and it’s a color I don't like and I don't relate to it at all. I like blue, teal, green, purple, black; cold colors mainly. I would definitely enjoy a blue stone, or an emerald green.

What initials did you choose for your HJ Intertwined ring duo? What do those letters mean to you?

I am a very simple person and so I chose my own initials, I couldn’t think of any other initials that I would like to wear, other than my parent’s initials. I like how the two letters/ rings look together, how they come together as one and how elegant and simple they are.

What’s next for Raha Moharrak?

I am currently focusing on finalising my book and finding a publisher and hopefully share my story with every body, because if I managed to change my father’s mind and inspire him to evolve then hopefully I can help to inspire change in other fathers’ minds and girls.

Finally, what is your message to all Arab women?

What I want to say to all ladies out there is that if a Saudi women can stand on top of the world then what makes your dreams too far from reach. Never be afraid of failing, theres no shame, the only shame is not trying and giving up.


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