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It’s all about sharing special memories and inspirational stories of leading women around us, and we are very honoured and excited to share with you our conversation with Ascia…

Half Kuwaiti, half American, Ascia is most Known for The Hybrid’s blog which first launched in 2012 along with her husband Ahmed. With over than 2.2 million followers, Ascia’s modest style, sense of fashion and down to earth character had captured the interest of many regional and international brands; the likes of Net A-porter, Dior and Chanel to name a few. She is a mother of two, a wife, a pioneering influencer and a true entrepreneur, please meet the inspirational personality we all know and admire…

If you can describe yourself in a few sentences, what would those be?

I describe myself as a fun, fearless (at least according to my mom!), loyal, passionate, silly and empathetic person.

Congratulations on the newly anticipated launch of MeseoulKool, can we learn more about it?

I have struggled for years with super sensitive skin. This 10 step Korean Skin Care routine changed my skin for the better in so many ways that I felt I had to share the secret. Having a clear skin bought with it the joy and freedom of walking out with no makeup. What I had experienced had to be shared, and Seoul Kool was born! We are preparing to open our brick and mortar store here in Kuwait soon. We will also be online. Stay tuned, a lot of work has gone into making this just right.

A Mother, a wife, being the founder of one of the most successful social media platforms in the Middle East, Owner of Desert Baby Kuwait, The Hybrids YouTube Channel, your fashion line for Hijab, and now the new MeseoulKool! Did we miss anything?!

My mind is always busy with ideas. I like to challenge myself and work on new concepts and ideas.

…How do you manage it all?

Sometimes I don’t know myself!

What’s your secret, any tips?

We try to arrange our travel schedules so that one parent is at home if the other must travel. “It takes a village”, applies to us. Both of our families are super supportive and know our routines with the boys. My advice is to always surround yourself with people, family and the family you choose, who support your vision.

What’s your favourite part of it all?

Simply the fact that I’m now in a position to surround myself with people I love and trust. The day I could offer my mom and one of my best-friends jobs within our group, was probably one of the most fulfilling moments of my journey thus far.

Being one of the truly influential ladies in the region, how does that role make you feel, what’s the message you try to get across to women?

Be strong. Be unapologetic. Support each other, and most importantly be KIND.

Who is the person you look up to?

I am truly drawing a blank, or more accurately, my mind is filled with many candidates. Many people have inspired me, to choose one would be an injustice to all the others.

Being known for your beautiful modest fashion, can you share with us three tips on styling?

  1. Layers

  2. Quality Fabrics

  3. Timeless Designer Pieces

What’s your relationship with jewelry? What does it mean to you?

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I love it, but, babies.

What’s a truly precious jewelry piece you own?

My wedding band.

What letters did you choose for your customized Duo Rings, and why?

“A” for Ahmad with Diamonds, because he brings light to my life, “A” for Adam and “N” for Noah, our two polar opposite, amazing children!

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given and live by?

Floss! No, seriously, Start as you mean to go on, which to me translates to: “Be yourself in your relationships.” This goes for everything from marriage, to business, to friendships.

What’s next for Ascia & Ahmad, The Hybrids?

Content, Content, Content! And of course, enjoying our most important projects, our children.


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