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Hiba Jaber Launches Luxury Scented Candle Collection

Luxury Scented Candle Hiba Jaber

The renowned luxury jeweller Hiba Jaber is expanding her brand into the lifestyle market with the launch of an exclusive new Luxury scented candle line. For the Palestinian-Moroccan designer, the move into home fragrances represents a natural progression from her exquisite fine jewellery crafted to celebrate life's most meaningful moments.

"At Hiba Jaber, we've always been about transforming special memories and milestones into precious jewelled keepsakes," explained Jaber. "With these candles, we can now capture the emotions and ambience of those memorable occasions through beautiful, lingering scents."

The Hiba Jaber wax scented candle collection makes its debut, inviting you to embark on an olfactory journey through three exquisitely crafted fragrance realms.

The rich, spicy Oriental Shade beckons with its enticing blend of cedar-wood atlas, patchouli's deep earthiness, the zesty warmth of geranium, the sweet heat of cinnamon, the subtly citrusy notes of cardamom, and the luxurious embrace of amber.

Envelop yourself in the warm, comforting Amber Goodness, a harmonious composition where vanilla's creamy sweetness mingles with patchouli's earthy allure, the resinous labdanum, the balsamic styrax, and the smoky, aromatic benzoin.

Escape to the exotic Arabian Myhhre, a captivating fusion of woody, resinous depths intertwined with dark, velvety amber, the mystical frankincense, a bright burst of grapefruit and lemon, the grounding patchouli, the creamy sandalwood, and the vibrant, golden turmeric.

True to the brand's minimalist and modern aesthetics, the candles come in chic frosted white glass vessels with a clean, cylindrical silhouette. The 220ml candles have an approximate 40-hour burn time.

Luxury Scented Candle new Hiba Jaber

While Jaber's finely crafted jewelry is meant to be cherished forever, the scented candles are designed as a more temporal indulgence - but no less luxurious. "These candles create such a sensory experience in the moment, allowing you to be totally present while enjoying the atmosphere," said Jaber.

The candles make for a perfect hostess or holiday gift, with Eid Al Adha celebrations coming up in late June. As with all Hiba Jaber products, a touch of customization is available, with options to bundle the candles with jewelry pieces or package them in a deluxe gift box.


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