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From the initial ideation and creativity, to brand planning and production, a lot of preparation goes on behind the scenes when building any brand or collection. After months of hard work leading up to the launch date, things started to take shape and gradually fell into place. The designs turned into real jewelry pieces and it was finally time to shoot the products and turn them into visual stories - definitely one of our favorite parts of the process.

It was an early start on a hot summer day in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, and with great teamwork and a group of creative professionals involved, we were able to do two different photo shoots on the same day. The first shoot was for the initial launch of the brand, focusing on the customized Duo Rings’ story and the second was for the debut capsule collection, that is due to launch in August.

Since the personalized Duo Rings signify people’s stories and special moments, we chose to portray a playful mood for the imagery, and soft white tones were used to reflect the brand's minimalistic aesthetic and clean design. It was a very special day for the Hiba Jaber Jewelry team and everyone who was involved in making it happen. We take you backstage with us to share those moments with you. Enjoy the short video, and we look forward to hearing your stories!

  • Production by The Factory ME

  • Styling by Vasil

  • Make-up by Aurimas

  • Modeled by Angelika from MGG


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