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Celebrating New Life: Personalized Gifts from Hiba Jaber

The arrival of a newborn is a momentous occasion that fills hearts with joy and excitement. As friends and family members prepare to welcome little ones into the world, finding the perfect gift to commemorate this special time can be a challenge. We offer an exquisite collection of customizable gifts that celebrate the precious new life and the expanding family unit.

  1. Family Initials: Thoughtfully crafted pendants feature the initials of each family member, symbolizing unity and growth.

  2. Baby's Name: A timeless keepsake featuring the newborn's full name for those seeking a more personalised touch. Elegantly engraved on high-quality pendants, these pieces create a lasting tribute to the newest family member.

  3. Birthdate Designs: Birthdate Designs incorporate the baby's special day into intricate pendant patterns. This subtle yet meaningful reference to the life-changing moment comes in various styles to suit different tastes. From minimalist number arrangements to more elaborate designs featuring birthstones, these pieces offer a unique way to commemorate the start of a new life..

For a baby boy, consider gifting him his first pair of cufflinks or a pin with his initials. These accessories will mark the beginning of his journey through life and serve as a symbol of the love and hopes surrounding his birth.

Gifts for New Parents

We recognize that the journey into parenthood is also worthy of celebration.

  • Matching "Mom" and "Dad" jewellery pieces to mark this new chapter in life.

  • Stackable rings designed to be added with each child, creating a visual representation of the growing family.

By choosing a personalized gift from Hiba Jaber, you're not just marking a moment - you're creating a lasting legacy. These pieces are designed to be treasured for generations, serving as beautiful reminders of the love and joy surrounding a child's birth.

Whether you're a friend, family member, or new parent yourself, Hiba Jaber's collection offers the perfect way to commemorate this special milestone in life's journey. Each piece tells a story - of new beginnings, of family bonds, and of the enduring love that welcomes a new life into the world.


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