Inspired by the cosmopolitan hubs of the world, we are excited to unveil our first capsule collection which comes with a strong cultural message of unity, using language as a source of inspiration.


The “Intertwined” collection uses the two official languages of Dubai, a cosmopolitan hub known for its cultural diversity, to create an element of design. As global citizens come together from different backgrounds, traditions tend to gradually intertwine. The design highlights people’s cultural similarities rather than their differences.


The collection has 14 intertwined designs that are the outcome of stylized letters and each ring combines the equivalent letter from both the English and Arabic languages. The jewelry aesthetic takes inspiration from Dubai’s distinctive skylines and bright lit windows, translated into unique designs with white and black diamonds set in 18K yellow, rose and white gold.


Each jewelry piece is created by two rings that come together as one. Worn together, you see elements of each letter from both languages, and apart, the design translates into a contemporary object merging between the soft lines and sharp edges of letters.


“We come from diverse cultures and speak different languages, but as global citizens in a city like Dubai, we somehow merge together, and we tend to look beyond our differences. I wanted to translate that idea into a creative aesthetic, and I thought language would be the best source of inspiration.”


Each Hiba Jaber piece is timeless, unique and individually handcrafted - ideal for the practical woman.


We invite you to discover our first capsule collection, we hope you love it as much as we do!



Credits: Production by @TheFactoryME  |  Styling by @Vasilbozhilov  |  Make-up by @Aurimasaj  |  Modeled by @Angelikpaseh from @MGGmodels

Hiba Jaber Jewelry