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The Story behind the Collection: It all started when the I decided to book myself a trip to Sri Lanka, to learn all about the art of gem cutting/ also known as Lapidary. It was ten days of a jam-packed itinerary, consisting of everything to do with gems - gemstone mines, gem museums, stone cutting classes and jewelry markets. I experienced many eye-opening and unforgettable adventures, from going underground into the mines to spending hours exploring the market, where I encountered endless amounts of sparkling precious and semi-precious gemstones. After days of browsing with Mr Ratna, the 40-year-old expert who ran the workshop, I finally made a selection of a few beautiful coloured sapphires, which Sri Lanka is most famous for, in the hope of incorporating them into my designs at a later stage. A few years later, this capsule collection came to life. 


Please note that the collection has almost sold out.

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